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The Proposal

Ok... so here's "The Proposal" from Olivia's perspective:

I really had no idea he was planning on proposing. I figured he would have to ask sooner than later, but I hadn't given it too much thought. I knew he would ask me eventually, and I knew I couldn't rush it. He had gone to Seattle a week or so before. I didn't think anything of it because Matt had to take our dog, Ellie Mae, over there. He, of course, knew he was going over for another reason: to pick out my engagement ring.

Each year, Matt and I enjoyed going out and cutting down our Christmas Tree rather than buying one at the store, and this year was no different. On December 9th, we decided to go out and find our tree. I had my big camo boots and my camo hunting jacket on---proof that I had absolutely NO idea what Matt had planned. (A girl who knows her boyfriend is going to propose does NOT wear double camo for the event.) As we drove out past Lake Wenatchee and up the White River, it was as if we were leaving the rest of the world behind; nobody was out driving around in the snow on a Sunday morning. It took us a while, or it took Matt a while, before we found what looked like a good spot to begin our hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree. Matt's plan was to find the perfect tree, and then, propose. My goal was to find one a little less haggard looking than the Charlie Brown Tree we had the year before. We hiked and hiked, and we hiked some more, before Matt realized that we might not find the perfectly rounded, full Christmas Tree after all.
(I think he was also worried that I would soon become bored and cold, and "demand" that we chop something down or leave.)
And, that is when he pulled me aside and got down on his knee. I didn't catch on at first---I was wondering what the heck he was doing kneeling in the cold, wet snow---until, suddenly, I understood. I just started crying. In a small, silent clearing, surrounded by potential Christmas Trees, with big fat snowflakes falling all around us, he asked me to marry him. In the midst of all my crying, I said yes.

That moment exists as one of the happiest in my life. It was absolutely perfect. He nailed it.

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