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Thank You

We feel incredibly blessed and loved. We are still in awe of the most magical weekend. Thank you for sharing our joy and happiness with us and being part of our happily-ever-after. All of you made our day even more amazing, and we could not have enjoyed it without y'alls love and support.

We could not have pulled this off without the hard work and help from our friends, family, and our fantastic wedding party crew. Y'all allowed us to focus on our big day and each other, so Thank You.

We also would like to thank our incredible team of vendors:

Flowers: Patti Bosket with Au Naturel created the perfect setting with her stunningly beautiful arrangements. We could not appreciate her hard work and creative talent more, and the wedding would not have been what it was without it. Thank you so much for bringing part of our vision to life.

Food: Richard and Ashley Kitos with the Ivy Wild Inn. We are still talking about the food. It was incredible. We had the one goal of making sure nobody could leave our wedding talking about how dinner was your typical bad wedding food. Thank you for making the best wedding food ever, sending most back for seconds and a few for thirds.

Cake/Pies/Cookies: Vince Bosket at Sure to Rise Bakery in Cashmere never fails when it comes to tasty treats. We were so happy that he took the time to make a special order of mini gingerbread men and macaroons since they were a hit! Thank you for adding the perfect ending to a great meal because there isn't much out there that can beat your berry pies.

Hair: Michelle DesCombaz with Michelle's Premium Hair Design. She is the amazing talent behind my beautiful wedding hair, and the one who pinned my veils in just right, keeping them from blowing away in the middle of our windy ceremony. Thank you for making me feel perfect on my wedding day and being SO much fun to work with. (and the hair stayed perfect all evening, even after 3 hours of some of the best dance floor moves this side of the Cascades.)

Photography: Chris and Heidi Ohta with Chris Ohta Photography. THANK YOU for perfectly capturing our love story from the engagement shoot to the (very long) wedding day. We have been excited ever since we teamed up with y'all. Chris-your passion shines through in everything you do, and the pictures show that. You both were a joy to work with, helping in any way y'all could, and making the day fun and easy and comfortable for us.

Venue: Karen Dickinson and The Brown Family Homestead. Karen is a huge reason why the wedding went so smoothly. She has such a passion for weddings, and she didn't leave out one detail. Our wedding could not have been what it was without her constant help over the Spring months, and her all day help on the big day. We thank you SO very much for helping us make our wedding the most magical day. The venue provided us with Tim, the carriage driver and what most know him as, the bartender, who did an excellent job for our thirsty crowd and gettin' me up to the "chapel" on time. The location speaks for itself--beautiful and stunning, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cascades. We could not be more thankful for everything included with the venue, making the planning much easier and the day much more enjoyable.

Thanks You for being part of our happily ever after
The new, Mr. and Mrs. Newberry

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